About Us

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Mid Oxon was born out of the frustrations of youth. The Bishop  brothers, Jeremy & Adam, along with other local club youngsters and a couple of not so young  gentlemen started the club in 1987.

The formal and regimental way in which clubs were run did not fit the way the younger generation of that time were thinking. There were two options, change clubs existing ways of thinking and operating, or start a new club, the latter seemed the easiest and fun way to go. The result was Mid Oxon CRT.

Since its inception Mid Oxon’s (CRT not now generally used) membership has shifted & caters for a wide age band, its numbers never great but constant. It still maintains its informal, bordering on casual, approach to the sport.

Initially seen as rebels and sometimes shunned, Mid Oxon has now gained respectability through its members, not necessarily through its racing prowess. Today its members are primarily cyclists who enjoy cycling and the camaraderie that brings, be it training, racing, club runs or Etape Du Tours.