Time Trials

The 2018 club time trial program is below.  

The Toute Le Monde (events highlighted in red) is a season long trophy event open to any MidOxon member.  There are eight selected 10 mile time trial events throughout the season and points are awarded to the first six finishers.  Just turn up on the evening and ride and try to add your name to the trophy.




Location / details                      


Org club          



Mar 18th CC244 15  Brill hilly 10:00  OXO     
Mar 25th HCC089A  23  Hanborough hilly 09:00 OXO    
Mar 28th H10/18 10  Hardwick 18:30  OXO  Yes  cancelled
Apr 4th  U95/10 10  Burford/Lechlade  18:30  FUCT    
Apr 8th H36/18 36  Charlbury 10:00 OXO    
Apr 11th CC140 10  Eynsham 18:30  OXO  Yes  link
Apr 18th HCC118A 10  Stadhampton 18:45 OXO    
Apr 25th U95/10 10 Burford/Lechlade  19:00 OXO    
May 2nd CC260 10 Chesterton 19:15 FUCT    
May 9th H10/18 10 Hardwick 19:15 FUCT  Yes  link
May 16th CC262 19 Charlbury 19:00 OXO    
May 23rd H10/17R 10 Southmoor 19:30 FUCT    
May 30th H10/18   10 Hardwick 19:30  OXO  Yes   link
Jun 3rd H50/17 50  Southmoor 07:00 OXO    
Jun 6th U95/25  25  Burford/Lechlade  19:15 FUCT    
Jun 13th  H10/17R 10  Southmoor  19:30  FUCT    
Jun 17th P to P 38  Henley (and back) 08:00 OXO    
Jun 20th H10/18 10  Hardwick 19:30  OXO  Yes  link
Jun 27th CC244  15  Brill hilly 19:30  OXO    
Jul 1st H25/17 25  Cumnor 08:00 OXO    
Jul 4th H10/17R  10  Southmoor 19:30 OXO  Yes  link
Jul 11th  H10/181 10  Witney Bypass A40   19:30  OXO    
Jul 14th H10/17R 10  Southmoor 15:00 OXO    
Jul 18th U95/25 25  Burford/Lechlade 19:15 OXO     
Jul 25th H10/17R  10  Southmoor 19:30  OXO    
Aug 1st H10/17R 10  Southmoor 19:30  OXO  Yes
Aug 8th  H10/18  10  Hardwick 19:15  OXO     
Aug 15th  U95/10 10  Burford/Lechlade 19:15 OXO    
Aug 22nd H10/18 10  Hardwick 19:00  OXO  Yes  link
Sep 8th HHC0331 1 Court Hill Hill Climb  11:00  OXO